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Die Zerstörungswut von ISIS hat kein Ende – 24.07.2014

Palmyra in Syrien

ISIS destroys tombs, cemetries, mosques and churches in Mosul.

Archimandrite Emanuel Youkhana, member of CAPNI send

us this information from North Iraq:


According to ISIS version of Shania, any tomb is not accepted.

All the tombs and cemeteries must be demolished and must be

with ground level.

This is been applied in Mosul:

The following tombs were demolished yesterday 24th July:

1.  Jonah’s prophet tomb and mosque was demolished completely.

See the film:



Historical remark about prophet Jonah’s mosque:

The prophet Jonah’s mosque was built on a very ancient cathedral of Church of the East.

It is said, when Saddam was carrying the renovation and expansion of the mosque before 30

years, very old tombs of Eastern church bishops were found.

The excavation team was instructed to cover them with concrete.

2. Tomb of prophet Daniel in the west side of Mosul was demolished as well.

3. Tomb of Imam Abu Al Ola in the west side of Mosul was demolished as well.

4.  One day earlier, 23rd July, the tomb of Imam Yahya Abu Al Qasim in the residential district of

Al Shafa’a in the west side of Mosul was demolished.

The concern of what is the next is a real concern.

Our fears are that all the churches, Ancient Assyrian archeological sites, Mosul Museum, etc will

have the same.

A huge loss for human being.

Is there any action to be carried to prevent this cultural and heritage disaster?

Archimandrite Emanuel Youkhana

ܐܪܟܕܝܩܘܢ ܥܡܢܘܐܝܠ ܝܘܚܢܢ

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Thank you very much for this email 24.07.2014


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